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TERMS OF service OF DISTANCE SERVICES queryhealth.org

Paragraph 1

Used in the rules means:

E-mail address of the service – info@queryhealth.org
Article – Concise written statement about available for sale in Poland dietary supplements or medical devices, containing in particular elements such as composition description, description of properties, description of the operation, method of application, performance evaluation, Information about the place where you can purchase the product, as well as the reference (link) to the website, through which you can purchase the product,
Form – Application form available on the website enabling the user to register on the website and create a user account,
Consumer – a natural person who, in the contract for the provision of the service, operates for purposes not directly related to his or her business or profession;
Account – A user profile created with the registration through which it can be posted using the special articles form together with the graphical content, for the purpose of automatic publication on the website;
Third party – A natural person, a legal person, and an organizational unit which is not a legal person, the special provisions of which confer a legal capacity which is not a user;
Terms and conditions – these distance terms of service;
Service – An online service available at www.queryhealth.org, through which the user can use the service;
Site/y – service Administrator and user;
Website-website www.queryhealth.org;
Service contract – A contract whereby the service Administrator undertakes to provide the service to the user free of charge, concluded at a distance, that is, within the framework of an organised distance contract system, without simultaneous The physical presence of the parties, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication (via the website) until the conclusion of the contract, inclusive;
Service – provided by the service administrator of the service free of charge and maintenance of the user account on the website, through which the user can post freely the articles together with the possible graphic content, which are automatically published on the website;
User – A natural person who is under 18 years of age and has full legal capacity (including the consumer), as well as a legal person or an organizational unit other than a legal person whose specific provisions confer legal capacity;
Service Administrator – queryhealth.org
Graphical content – The photographs or graphics submitted with the article by the user presenting the product to which the article relates.

Paragraph 2 of the

The terms and conditions define the distance service rules.
Intellectual property rights in the content not provided by the user on the website, in particular copyrights and industrial property rights in terms of the name, domain and logo of the service, as well as its constituent Graphical, verbal and word-graphic elements (e.g. Layout), the Service software and database rights are subject to legal protection and are entitled to the service administrator or entities with which the service Administrator has entered into appropriate agreements.
The service Administrator shall take steps to ensure that the service is fully operational, to the extent that it arises from the current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove within a reasonable time irregularities which have been adequately Reported by users, third parties or identified by the service administrator.
You warrant that any content provided by you to the service administrator shall not infringe the rights of any third party, including any exclusive rights.

Paragraph 3 of the
Terms of Service

The user is obliged in particular to:

Use the site in a manner that does not interfere with its operation, including through the use of certain software or devices,
Use any content contained in the service in such a way that it does not reproduce or reproduce in part or in whole protected by the exclusive rights of the elements of the site, in particular information, content, data, photographs, Images, drawings, icons, descriptions, articles and trademarks.

Paragraph 4 of the
Conclusion of the service agreement and terms of service

The user may publish on the website a user-supplied article to which graphic content may be attached. Publication of the article is done without the participation of the service administrator, i.e. The service Administrator shall only make available in the user account the tools and the server area by which the user enters the content and graphical content themselves, which are automatically displayed on the website.
The contract for the provision of the service will be concluded with the user receiving the e-mail referred to in para. 8 below.
In order to conclude the agreement for the provision of the service through the service, you must enter the website and then complete the form at least as indicated by the instructions contained in the form, taking further technical steps based on Available in the information form.
The form for concluding the service contract can be completed round-the-clock on all days of the week.
You can contact the service administrator via the contact form stated on the website round the clock for 7 days a week.
The dispatch of the data contained in the form (submission of the form) and the conclusion of the contract for the provision of the service are only possible after the acceptance of these terms and the user's consent to the account being made available before the 14-day deadline Contract for the provision of the service.
The necessary condition for concluding the service agreement is to provide the data in the form correctly. In case of any doubts of the service administrator as to the correctness of the data provided by the user, the service Administrator shall verify this data, for example, by contacting you. If the user is unable to contact you or to verify the data provided by you for reasons attributable to you, the service Administrator does not include the service agreement.
Immediately after consideration and verification of the form, the user receives an e-mail message confirming all relevant elements of the service agreement concluded. When the message referred to in the previous sentence is sent, the user account is activated.
The article (including any graphical content) posted by the user through a special form provided under the user account is displayed on the website within 7 days after the user entered the form in your account and your approval.
You may terminate the service agreement at any time by submitting to the service administrator the appropriate statement (letter sent by post, courier or e-mail) to the e-mail address of the service or The address of the service administrator.

Paragraph 5 of the
Letter of withdrawal from the contract by the consumer

The user who is a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of the service within 14 days without giving any reason.
The term for withdrawal from the service agreement expires 14 days after the conclusion of the Agreement for the provision of the service.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract for the provision of the service, the user who is a consumer is obliged to inform the e-mail address of the service or correspondence to the service administrator about his decision to withdraw from the agreement Provision of the service by means of an unambiguous statement (letter sent by post, courier or e-mail).
The user who is a consumer may use the model withdrawal form from the service agreement stated on the website, but this is not compulsory.
In order to retain the term for withdrawal from the service agreement, it is sufficient for the user who is a consumer to send information concerning the exercise of his right of withdrawal before the expiry of the period for withdrawal from the contract for the provision of Service.

Paragraph 6 of the
User complaints

You may submit a complaint to the service administrator or a complaint regarding the provision of the service, and the service Administrator will only recognize complaints or claims:

Served by post to the service administrator,
Received via email at the e-mail address of the info@queryhealth.org service administrator.

The user may file a complaint or complaint by a representative, and the power of attorney should be made in the ordinary written form, unless there are specific factual circumstances indicating the need to preserve the written form of or an official signature attestation.
You must:

In the complaint or complaint indicate your name, e-mail address (failure to indicate an e-mail address will prevent the service administrator from contacting the complainant and examining the complaint or complaint) and information indicating the subject matter of the complaint or complaint, and Their position in the case covered by the complaint or complaint,
To a complaint or complaint attach originals or copies of documents relating to the subject matter of the complaint or complaint, if necessary to clarify the relevant circumstances of the case.

The user should endeavour to ensure that the complaint or complaint is filed promptly after obtaining information on the existence of the circumstances justifying their submission.
The service Administrator shall leave without any complaints or complaints which do not contain personally identifiable information.
The Administrator of the service, in the course of handling complaints or complaints, to clarify all the relevant circumstances of the complaint or complaint, may request the complainant to submit additional information, explanations or Documents if:

The content of the complaint or complaint, the applicant's object or position may not be duly determined or
It is necessary for the fair diagnosis of a complaint or a complaint,

Under the pain of leaving a complaint or complaint without being identified in the event of the complainant failing to take action or actions to identify the complaint or complaint.
The service Administrator shall promptly, but not later than within 21 days from the date of receipt of the complaint or complaint, respond to a filed complaint or complaint, which is communicated to the complainant by e-mail address from which The Administrator of the service received a complaint or complaint.
The user may at any time request the settlement of the issue subject to the complaint procedure by the third party and for this purpose:

Apply to a mediator or an institution before which mediation proceedings are requested to be carried out,
Apply to an institution before which arbitration proceedings are requested to be settled by an arbitral tribunal,
If it is a consumer, seek the assistance of the appropriate consumer advocate or other entity performing similar functions.

A platform for online dispute resolution between consumers and traders at EU level (ODR platform) is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. The ODR platform is an interactive and multilingual website with a single point of contact for consumers and entrepreneurs seeking out-of-court settlement of a dispute concerning contractual obligations arising from an online contract Provision of services.
In order to remedy any doubt, the instruction referred to in paragraph 8 or 9 above does not constitute an arbitration agreement or the automatic consent of the service administrator to participate in mediation or arbitration proceedings.

§ 7 The

Upon receipt of the message referred to in § 4 para. 8 of the terms, the user grants the service administrator free of charge a non-exclusive license to the article and graphic content, in the following fields of exploitation:

For the preservation and reproduction of works, the perpetisation and reproduction in any format and by any digital technique of copies of works;
On the marketing of the original or copies on which the works were preserved, the placing on the market of the original or copies via the website;
For the dissemination of works other than those specified in paragraph 2 above, the public display on the website and the communication to the public of the works in such a way that everyone can access them at the place and at the time of their choice on Website,
Entering the computer's memory,
The merging of each of the works in whole or in part with other compositions for the purpose of joint dissemination,

The licence referred to in para. 1 above, occurs without territorial and temporal limitations (is indefinite).

§ 8

The Administrator of the service is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations occurring in the computer hardware, the terminal equipment, the electronic system and telecommunications infrastructure, which it uses The user, and which prevent the user from using the service and the services offered through it.
The service Administrator is not responsible for:

Loss of data by the user due to a failure of the hardware, system or other circumstances arising from reasons not attributable to the service administrator;
The consequences of using the service by the user in a manner contrary to the applicable law, the provisions of the regulations or Customs adopted in this respect,
The rate of data transmission and the associated restrictions, which constitute a consequence of the existence of technical, technological or infrastructural circumstances not attributable to the service administrator;
Infringe the rights of third parties through the content (including graphic) provided by the user.

§ 9
Rules for using the comments feature in the website

1. Visitors to the website have the possibility to post comments on the website using dedicated forms on the website.
2. Leaving and posting a comment does not require an account on the site.
3. The condition for publication of the comment is to familiarise yourself with these terms and other documents indicated in the Leave comment form, as well as entering the name of the author's comment.

1) should be related to the subject of the website, which allows you to leave a comment,
2) should not contain content that is offensive, vulval, discriminatory, racist, obscene, threatening, propagating illegal activities, violating personal goods, reconcuring someone's creed, political opinions, orientation Sexual orientation, sex,
3) should not contain links (references) to other websites than the website,
4) should not contain personal data (personally identifiable information), including contact information,
5) should not contain advertising content concerning products or services not described in the service,
6) should not constitute offers for the sale of products or services, or notices relating to products or services which are not an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code,
7) should not infringe on any other rights, including copyrights, trademark rights and constitute acts of unfair competition within the meaning of the Act of 16 April 1993. The fight against unfair competition,
8) should not contain any graphic and video materials, including images, images, graphics, videos, animations.

5. If the administrator finds an infringement by published comments on the rules of these terms, the Administrator deletes such comments.
6. The visitor of the website, who left a comment on the website, agrees to include by the administrator in the content of a comment the links (hyperlinks, links) of websites referencing products, services or other matters Published commentary.
7. The provisions of § 2-3 and § 6-8 of the Rules of Procedure apply mutatis mutandis to the question of comments.

Paragraph 10 of the

Information about cookies.

1. The service uses cookies.

2. Cookies (also called. "cookies") are information data, in particular the text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user of the service and are intended for the use of websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they come, their storage time on the end device and a unique number.

3. The operator of the service is placed on the end device of the website user and access to cookies.

4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
(a). Statistical and analytical means by which the service can be optimised to improve the comfort of its use by visitors. Statistical data is anonymous.
(b). Maintenance of the service user's session (after logging in), so that the user does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage of the service;
(c). Specify a user profile to display the matched content on the ad networks, in particular Google networks;

5. The service uses two basic types of cookies: Session cookies and "persistent" cookie files. "Session" cookies are temporary files that are stored in the terminal equipment of the user until you log off, leave the website or disable the software (Web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user's end device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until the user deletes them.

6. Web browsing software (Web browser) usually allows the storage of cookies on the user's terminal device by default. Users of the service can change the settings in this area. The Web browser allows deleting cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies please refer to the Web browser Help or documentation for more details.

7. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the website.

8. Cookies in the terminal equipment of a user of the service and may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the website operator.

9. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of these companies to understand the terms of use of cookies used in statistics: Google Analytics Privacy Policy

10. Cookies may be used by advertising networks, in particular the Google network, to display advertisements tailored to the way in which you use the service. For this purpose, they may retain information about the user's navigation path or the duration of their stay on the page. 11. In terms of information about user preferences collected by the Google display network, the user can view and edit the information resulting from cookies by using the tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

§ 11

Server logs.

1. Information about some behaviors of users is subject to logging in the server layer. This data is used solely for the purpose of administering the service and in order to ensure the most efficient service of hosted hosting services.

2. The viewed resources are identified by URLS. In addition, records may be subject to:

(a). Time of arrival of the inquiry,
(b). Time to send the response,
(c). Client Station name – Identification by HTTP protocol,
(d). Information about errors that occurred in the execution of the HTTP transaction, E. The URL of the page previously visited by the user (Referer link) – If the transition to the service was through the link,
F. Information about the user's browser,
G. IP address information.

3. This data is not associated with specific people browsing the site.

4. The above data is used only for server administration purposes.

§ 12

Data sharing.

1. The data shall be made available to third parties only within the limits permitted by law.
2. Personal identification data is made available to the exclusion with the consent of that person.
3. The Operator may be obliged to provide information collected by the service to authorized authorities on the basis of lawful requests in the scope resulting from the request.

6. Managing cookies – How to express and withdraw consent in practice?

1. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. We reserve that disabling the handling of cookies necessary for authentication processes, security, maintaining user preferences may make it difficult, and in extreme cases may prevent the use of websites
2. To manage the cookie settings, select the Web browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions: A. Internet Explorer B. Chrome c. Safari d. Firefox E. Opera F. Android G. Safari (iOS) H. Windows Phone and. Blackberry

§ 1. About the website queryhealth.org and collecting data.
The queryhealth.org service collects and processes your data about what we want to inform you so that you are aware of what data we collect and process.

§ 13
Final provisions

The settlement of any disputes arising between the Administrator of the service and the user who is not a consumer shall be subjected to the competent court by reason of the address of the service administrator.
The recognition of individual provisions of these Terms and conditions in the manner prescribed by law for invalid or ineffective, does not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the regulations. In place of invalid provision will be applied rule, which is closest to the purposes of the invalid provision and all these terms and conditions.
In order to avoid any doubts, the service Administrator, which is solely the entity enabling the service and server space tools to publish and display the articles and graphical content automatically on The website reserves the right not to imply in any way any connection with the trademarks, trade names, designations of manufacturers and companies that have been used on the website.
You may not copy or reproduce in part or in whole the exclusive rights of the website elements, in particular information, content, data, photographs, images, drawings, icons, product descriptions and brands, and any content of the site Service.
The current terms and Conditions shall be published on the website in such a way as to enable it to be stored and repeated in the normal course of operations.